FULL turbo kit on ebay


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full turbo k11 kit on ebay, the only comprehensive kit i have ever found..




Davey C

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i can beat that price and have an equally comprehensive kit for sale. *shameless plug*
its not the full kit as it doesnt include injectors e.t.c

and i got all my bits for £1,000,lol.

I'm with you on that one, although it would make a good base kit for someone to build upon, although it is a tad expensive, you could get all that below 1k if you tried really hard.

I take it that pic isn't of the actual kit? if it is there seems to be alot of I/C piping there? Unless it doubles as a roll cage or something lol.

A Greddy TD04-15G? Does anyone know anything about this tubby? Is it the equivalent to a Garrett T25, By doing a quick google search I came up with a standard 3000GT tubby is an TD04-15G.



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Spx Kit Cost Me Less Than That To Get Into The Uk And Was Far More Comprehensive, Fuel Regulator, Blow Off Valve, Etc .