Fuel Injectors ---------------

ok, seems like there are two types SR20 injectors?,the ones i need have to fit the RB25 rail, nissan skyline rail i think i was told!! So Rob, how much for the 4 injectors?


If you have a rb25 rail surely you want rb25 injectors?

Won't the cc of the sr20 injectors (stock) be less than the rb's?


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Dave its what i done, originally before i bought the rail i was emailing alot of sellers on ebay with different side fed rails to send me sizes but turns out after i paid and recieved the rail he'd measured it wrong so i had make it fit. The measurements he sent originally matched the micra inlet so it was a case of cutting 2 off and welding a fitting on.

Was more work than it should have been if the guy measured it right!
Ok, so the point of the RB25 rail is to either fit its injectors which is the skyline (370cc) OR the SR20 (370cc) flowrate injectors which is side fed and the 6 cylinder fuel rail will need to be cut down to size to make fit on the K11 fannimold using the said bigger injectors for a turbo build like what Stani has done and am sure other turbo builders here on the forum has done!!.... didnt fancy going down the top fed route cos of the idea that i will need to exclude the ICV from the throttlebody to make the rail fit!!!