Fuel filter change, Thank you forum!

Hi all, I wanted to change the fuel filter on my k11 2002 and proceeded to open my Haynes manual. The manual seems to go the long way around to do this? I then checked on this site and found out it is so easy. I removed the fuse for the fuel pump then started it up (it soon stopped) then undid the two clips on the filter itself. I then eased the filter out of the housing and pulled the pipes off being careful to catch the contents of the filter which weren't too clean! Then put new filter in, pushed on pipes, tightened the clips and restarted the car job done! I think in the future I will check on here first before using my Haynes manual. Use to trust Haynes but seem to find a lot of faults with them these days?
I find haynes to be too general, and also they seem to presume you are already a mechanic and know how to do certain things which aren't always as simple as they seem. If I remember all it says in the manual is "depressurise the fuel system" and "expect some fuel loss" with no mention of figures regarding what kind of pressures we're talking about or how to do it, how much fuel will come out etc..., the forums are a great resource for that as is youtube.

I did mine not too long ago, "ease" wasn't the word I would use though, I swore at it a bit cutting my fingers up trying to get it off past the metal thing and then my neighbour saw me stood there scratching my head trying to figure out how to get the hoses to fit over the bumps. We then had a moving-kitchen-appliances for pushing-the-hoses-on swap since he was renovating at the time :ROFLMAO: .