FS: K11 parcel shelf with Infinity Reference 9633 6x9 speakers

As title, standard Nissan parcel shelf from a 2001 model K11 Active fitted with Infinity Reference 9633 6x9 three way coaxial speakers. Speakers are bolted through the shelf with black plated M4 bolts and stainless steel washers and nuts for a solid mount into the thick plastic parcel shelf - great bass response, crisp treble.

Thick gauge speaker wire and insulated crimped terminals used.

Also included in sale is a four way waterproof wiring connector - you will have to cut off the stock connector to fit these, or obtain a compatible wiring connector yourself.

As this is an extremely large and heavy item, it's collection only from Nottingham NG9 area.

Speaker specs... http://eu.infinitysystems.com/infinity-product-detail-eu/reference-9633i.html

If you know your speakers, you'll know that these and the identical JBL GTO ones are the ones to go for due to their 2 ohm load and 94dB sensitivity - in plain English, they are louder for any given volume level on the head unit. They'll handle 100W RMS power (300W peak) and drop down to 46hz for decent bass response. You can vary the treble level too with a switch on the tweeter.

The pictures...





I'm looking for £55, which is a fair price as these speakers are in excellent condition, fitted well, and include a parcel shelf in excellent condition with all mounts and straps present and correct.

If you have any questions then please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.