FS: 1.4 low-mileage 2001 micra plenty of mods


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Right some of you may have seen my last thread where I was trying to make my car standard? unfortunatly thats out the window now due to unforseen circumstances.

ok my cars broke, quite badly, so to someone whose mechanically minded this could be a bargin.

I have a 1.4, 2001 (51-plate) Micra SE.

Pictures (from a while ago, will upload more recent ones if there is intrest) can be found at:


ok firstly, the good points:

  • Car is new, engine has only done 70,000 miles.
  • Comes with OZ Crono HT lightweight racing wheels with pretty much new Uniroyal tyres all around (195/45/15). The wheels are very light and cost me a fortune! There is a mild bit of curbing on some of them and one centre cap is missing however.
  • MOT until April 2010, Tax until 31/Aug/2009
  • Recently had new gearbox (from a 1.0) + heavy duty clutch + lightened flywheel supplied and fitted at humpheries.
  • Has full janspeed exhaust (except 2nd cat which is just an empty standard 2nd cat).
  • Can include either almera or standard airbox.
  • Almera 1.4 brakes on mintex discs and pads.
  • Serviced regulary with gtx oil and nissan plugs & filters.
  • Recently had new radiator.
  • very fast for a micra, easily putting about 100bhp (when working ok - see problem below)
  • remote central locking, p/s, electric windows
  • comes with mp3 cd-player (in 'ok' condition)

secondly, the bad:

  • Bent valve(s) on the 3rd cylinder. This happened becuase a spark plug corroded and dropped half of itself into the cyclinder and the bit of metal that fell off has got stuck in the valves (it would appear). This has ####ed me off somewhat is the plugs are 3 months old from nissan, gapped and torqued correctly by myself and nissan dont want to do anything about it as i have no receipt and i fitted them myself. Before this happened (and i am sure after this is fixed) the engine was spot on, no problems at all, and is putting down an approximatly 100bhp-105
  • Passenger door lock has been filled and sprayed quite badly after somebody tried to break in, I am more then happy to upload a picture of this. I never had it fixed properly as its remote central locking anyway.

Reason for sale is I dont want to spend hundreds fixing the valves and dont have time or knowledge to do myself + I have been looking for a car like an almera gti/primera gt for a while anyway.

Cars in leicester

Looking for about £900 (wheels and janspeed alone are worth about 400)

Cheers all,

Rich (please feel free to pm me with questions or pic requests).


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if you break it mate i will be interested in the heavy duty clutch and lightened fly wheel
wont be breaking sorry, if i do sell parts off it it wil be easily accessible stuff becuase i dont really have anywhere to take it to bits properly also im not much of a mechanic lol..

next? almera gti or primera gt i think! :)

gutted all of this becuase of a spark plug!
You say that the plug has fallen to bits after 3 months, then maybe you should contact the manufacturer and let em know that this has happened, I'm sure they will be interested in this, maybe it was from a faulty batch or something.

Pics of the knackered plug?

Have you had the head off to have a proper look?

Would'nt cost much to whip the head off and replace a bent valve, get it sorted and swap it for my Almera GTi!

Good luck with it.