Front wheel bearings andy how to guides?

Hi Winchman,

Haven't got a guide but I can tell you it's not too difficult. Hub carrier has to come off. The old bearing should come to bits fairly easily once you have the seals off with a screwdriver. I managed to 'drift' the bearing outer race from the hub carrier with a 60mm diameter drift ( steel rod off ebay that is), and the inner race off the hub with a three leg puller. You can drift the new bearing into the hub carrier using the old outer bearing race (making sure you keep it level/square and drive it all the way in) . You then have to drive the hub into the new bearing in the hub carrier. You must support the inner side of the inner bearing race while you drift the the hub in from the outside, again keeping it level/square. It takes a fair bit of work with a 4lb hammer, bits of 4x2" and some choice language to drive it home but it does go. That's it!

Sorry this is a rough description, I'm really just saying it's do-able if you're moderately handy with some tools.

There is a description in the Haynes manual that may help. A lot of the lads will get a replacment hub/bearing from a breaker to save the bother. Good luck!
It a damn site easier with a hydraulic press mind... I usually pull off the hub a get a local shop to press in/out bearing... £10 cash in hand
previously i've just replaced the hub assembly. if you need to do the wishbone to hub balljoint, replace both hub and wishbone simultaneously!
Its in having the Timing chain done at the moment, should be done for the weekend ( hes doing it in between other work)
So will have a look at the week end