Front wheel bearing?


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Hi, My girlfriends 1.0l 1999 micra has got a growl from the front passenger wheel that is constant when driving. Its been like that for about a year and so I must fix it!

Firstly, what is it!? I thought it might be a CV joint, but I changed this and it still wouldn't go away.

Is it the bearing? If so, can these be changed easily? where can I get one from?




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jack the car up and push/pull on the passenger side wheel to see if there's any play in the wheel. if there is then the bearing has gone, not sure if it's possible to change the bearing, i just changed the hub for one from a scrap yard. any hub from '98-2002 should do, butstick with '98-'00 to be on the safe side. i paid about £20 for it from scrappy


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Jack the car up as swiper said, instead of pushing the wheel (this could show a worn ball joint) Spin the wheel and listen for any noise or feel for any roughness (excluding braking)



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Ok cheers, I will have another go. I did spin the wheel when it was off the ground, but couldn't hear anything out of the ordinary. It is only when driving that you hear it as a low constant growl - a bit like your driving without any carpets in the car or somthing so no sound is dampened.

Will have a play at the weekend.

Are the hubs easy to change? A bit like removing a cv joint, only, when swinging the hub out the way and off the joint you actually remove it I suppose?!



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splitting it from the wishbone can be tricky.. but easy enough..

defo change the hub from one from a scrappies if the bearings are worn..