Front fog light dashboard bulb

I have just fitted some fog lights from a higher spec car than mine (to my Micra s from a Micra sport+) and everything works fine except for the dashboard light when they’re on. I have tried fitting bulbs into the place where it is supposed to be but there is no difference.
There is a panel light for the rear fog light but I can’t get the front to illuminate and I presume that the fronts should have one too.
Just to be clear it is a 2000-2003 type Micra.
Any ideas anyone?, I’d appreciate any help.
I've spent quite a few hours today getting mine to work! Basically, i bought front foglights and relay, and got a light stalk from an Almera, which looked the same (stubby thick stalk rather than the thin older type), but it had different connectors. So instead, i worked out which wire operates the front fogs. I ran 2 wires up to the dash binnacle, and fitted a foglight switch:
So, the next stumbling block was the dashboard plug - the dash itself has a bulb position, but the plug has no connection on pin 3 for the front fog warning light. I ended up getting a pin removal tool, taking out the pink/black wire pin from the plug (i think its pin 23, not used on my 2002 1.4 manual tempest), cutting the wire, and putting the pin into the empty slot on 3. Then, used a jumper on the back of the foglight switch, to supply 12v from the other side, and extended the wire from the other terminal to pin 3:
The wire colours are irrelevant, but just so you know, the connections on the back of the switch are:
Front fog switching side
Top left : blue (12v)
Bottom left : brown (0v)
Dash light side
Top right: red (12v jumper from blue wire)
Bottom right: pink/black (12v carried to pin 3 on dashboard plug)

So now, the fog light switch operates the front fogs, only when the lights are switched on, and we have a warning light next to the main beam warning light:
I recommend a Haynes Manual, a pin removal kit (Amazon/Ebay), some wire, soldering iron, heat shrink, crimp connectors (female spade / straight connectors) and a continuity tester, it takes a bit to get your head round it but it can be done! I've also relocated the rear fog light, and doubled up the reversing light as it was pitifully dim!