Front fog lamp holes - cheap fix!?

Well, my front bumper has 2 large holes in it where there once appeared to be lower foglamps - except for some reason they are gone.:eek:

Trouble is, mine appears to be an early car, and foglamps seem to have been a rare option, so all the cars of a similar vintage usually don't have them - the bumpers simply being moulded with a blank space, and cars after 2005 having them directly mounted. But mine would have been inside a large black bezel.

On an old banger like mine, I wouldn't mind just leaving the holes, but a garage has advised closing them to stop water directly hitting the aux belt etc.:oops:

Now the bezels are £12 each:mad: and foglamps are £35 a set:mad: £60 to fill 2 holes!

So my weekend project - £2 aluminium mesh, shaped to fit, and some glass fibre sheets and resin, followed by black paint - how hard can it be...

(Can't get picture to upload:eek:)
Well I would post a picture but I don't seem to be able to from my phone...

...however I'm pleased with the result!:cool:

Oh, it has finally done it!

Well as you can see, I got the bezels for both sides, stretched £2 aluminium mesh across the holes, glued a piece of clear plastic on the back ( from the handbook actually...), then poured glass fibre resin into each one from the front to seal them from water.

The unexpected result was that they looked rather similar to the indicators, so I fitted them as they are as it looked unusual! If the colour fades, I'll just paint the middle black.

There was nothing for the clips to attach to on the bumper, so I used an adhesive mastic used for fitting windscreens, and it seems to have set solid.

The from is much tidier now!


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