Front Crossmember

Hi Just after some advice and maybe some help

Got hold of a n plate SLX which is a briliant little runner with 39 thou on the clock and pretty much runs like new
BUT and yes its the Micra BUT

Crossmembers rotten as a pig
Also had a patch on the rear sill but i found that was caused by a very small hole in the rear arch which has been letting water into the sill
So at least know why its begun to rot - plugged it for now with alot of waxoyl :)

Back to the front crossmember - How much would it cost to have it fixed?

I saw the thread about doing it yourself but i am a lazy git so would prefer to pay

Anyone on here in the Somerset (Weston Super Mud) area recomend a garage or compatent person to do the repair, and without seeing me as there next holiday in the Maldives ?


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the rusting sills are usually caused by a drain pipe that runs from the sunroof, down the A pillars and just collects inside the sill box section with NO drain points!? i just extended the pipes and fed em through a hole i drilled in the sill below to let it drain straight down.

the convenient ledge in the rear arch for muck and water to rest may also have caused the tiny rust hole you found.

Good news

I investigated the front cross member today
And its all just surface rust - hurrahhhhh

So waxoyl day tomorrow :)

Thanks for the heads up on the hoses - will check that