Front Crossmember Replacement "How-To" link dead

Hello All,

Just joined. My wife has a 1999 Micra and when it failed its MOT recently (sills), I decided to treat the car as a project and restore it rather than scrap it. I had the sills welded and passed the MOT.

I want to do the rest of the jobs myself (I intend to fully replace the sills I'm not delighted with the patches the garage welded on)

While changing the coolant today I noticed that the front crossmember also needs doing and a search of previous posts forum provides a link to a "How To" but the link is dead.

Is there a new link or has this item been removed?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Thanks PollyP, did you intend to post a link to your blog?

I've been to the homepage but there is nothing about becoming a full member. How does one join?

I'm not interested in performance modifications I just want to restore our Micra to standard.
Locate all factory spotwelds
Belt sand areas were spotwelds are
Drill the spot welds
Slice away any seam sealer and remove

Pull off the the full front panel then including the crossmember

Sand the reatachment areas for spotwelds and oxide paint the rest before reattachment

Simple enuff process


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Thanks PollyP, did you intend to post a link to your blog?

oops the post from my phone didn't work.

here's the link. I ended up having to reconstruct the cheap aftermarket copy part to make it all line up.