Front CrossMember. (Facelift)


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Front CrossMember.

The crossmember at the front of the car, holding the bonnet hinges, light mounts etc... Has anyone had that off before?

If so, how to?


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Stick a photo up, it's been so long since i've seen what a K10 engine bay looks like


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i would have thought it was bolted on mate and it should just then pull off with a little bit of a tug but not to much mate


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it will be spot welded on i would think, the sealant you see will be put on the joins to prevent rust setting in ;)

you'll need to remove the whole front end and wings and grin it off, should be easy to do mate esp if you can use a welder :)


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its deff sopt welded on, pm micra110 as he has the nissan datasheets of the step by step procedure of how to change it, shows you all the welds and everything.