Front Bumper.....



Remember me? :wasntme:

Anyhow.....I went to the scrap yard last week and got a new grill and front 1/4 panel.

To fit the panel I need to take the front bumper off, this is right?

Anyway, I've painted my grill and tried to fit the panel yesterday. After searching around this site I read you need to take the plastic grill off of the front of the bumper. I can only get 2 of the bolts out, because there is almost no gap around the bolt.

Is there a tool which will get the plastic grill off?

Here is a pic, so far:



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you might get away with unbolting one side of the bumper. to do this you need to take the headlight out, just a few nuts behind it. you should then see the bumper mounting bracket, remove this. also there's some bolts and clips under the bumper and a bolt into the wing under the arch.


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love seeing people link to it.

It is most pre-facelift but alot on stuff is the same but with Wilsonian doing a change to facelift that should change