Free tyre tread depth and pressure checker


im not ordering one simply because i hate giving out all my info to a site.
always seem to get marketing text/calls later on :down:


Just put fake email and phone number then. Surely u get junk mail so just put them in the bin. Cant pass this up!

i don't care about junk mail through the door just nuisance calls / texts from asian call centres telling me i told them there is something wrong with my computer lol
Done it now anyways. :p
Thankyou! should we race to see who gets theirs first?!


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i got one anyway,cause its too usefull---was/will pass this one if it arrives to some one in need
also have a electric tyre pump,very very usefull,,,,got caught out last year down a steep driveway in the ice.TRAPPED!!
figured out i could let the air out almost completly and crawl up the hill,once out i just pumped up the tyres again