Free Diagnostic Software?

Hello all,

What is the best FREE diagnostic software for Nissans? I refuse to pay rediculous amounts to Nissan for diagnostic scans when I can do it myself. I already have an OBD II lead (For Vag-Com on German cars) so just need some software, the likelihood is though that it will only be used once, hence not wanting to pay out a small fortune! Our Micra is doing my head in and after replacing the PCB in the ECU and the throttle pedal assembly it's still going into Limp Home Mode and the EWL is still on.

All I want to do is find any stored codes, erase them and fix any problems so it's not just sitting there gathering leaves!


To be honest I'm not bothered how good the software is, I just want to read off the codes so I can get it all sorted.


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I've used the 1.3 (older free one -- think version 121) and it gives decent info with the cheap OBDII scanner i've got.