FREE - Banzai Magazines - 2004-2006 - 31 Editions


Brutal Honesty
Hi all,

I have no room anymore for my Banzai collection. I bought these from 2004-2006 (with a few editions missing) when I was a wee teen. I can't bring myself to throw them away just yet, but I thought there might be someone who is interested.

There's 31 editions in total, most in very good condition. They've been in a box for as long as I can remember.

Fun facts

- One of my Photoshopped cars was featured in one of these. Wade through hundreds of pages of fun to find where!
(It's actually horrendous and was my first Photoshop attempt at anything!)

- There may be a K10 somewhere

- I pinched one for myself (not pictured) which featured the Skymera. wink wink.

Free to collect for anyone on MSC. PM me for deets