For you nats people....


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its about my whole wiring looms and getting them right when fitting this turbo engine. i have a 1.0 gx with NATS. and im fitting a 1.3 engine and gearbox. i want to eliminate NATS to use a ga16 ecu temporarily and because i have a standalone to be fitted. also the loom that come from my non nats car which i want to fit to have a working reverse light has 2 extra connections to the LHS of the engine on an extra box with pink writing on it that my current car doesnt have so...

upon looking at the diagrams the non nats looks straightforward 4 earth wires from injectors into 1 then into ecu.

on the nats 4 wires come from the injectors into 1 then before it reaches the ecu 2 wires branch off. the first being to the ignition coil and the second going to pin number 12

help on what to do as i want to be able to change the ecu and keep my reverse light