For sale one K11

Hi All,

I have been trying to repair my car but to no avail as I may have found one of the causes of the overheating failure, there is a crack in thermostat housing. I have found this out when I tried to replace the thermostat but instead of fitting the thermostat just fit the cover and flush the system but the water is pisses out at the bottom thread. And I have found there is a lot of sludge in the engine so when the last owner changed the coolant he didn't flush out the system so I believe this is where the Head Gasket problem lies sludge eating away at the gasket.

So I have decided to sell my K11,mine is SORNED, but RUST FREE waxoyled in all underbody compartments, registered 03 plate but built October 02, 43000 on the engine, car body covered in sunflower stickers and a rugby sticker at the back saying “RUGBY! Elegant violence” and a powered by prayer sticker, also no bumps, sunroof and just needs a pair new CV boots and new engine, Head Gasket problems. If I could get about £200 then buy another one with service history and a high mileage of 60000, 1996 model making sure that it doesn’t have too many sensors and has an MOT and taxed & need TLC.

Yours Peter Rowley
What colour is your Micra? Also is it a manual? What size engine?

I'm interested if it' a 1.0L manual
Hi Max, Its a manual, 998cc engine and it's Nissan silver. I was told never to buy a automatic unless you had the money to repair it if it went wrong.
I'll take it is the price is right will pm you
Hi Max, Autotrader price is £750 but as the engine doesn't work but everything else does how about £400ono
Although I did quote About £200 that is a price for a dented high mileage model seen on Gumtree which I am going to buy. And sort out the dents as none have broken the paint work & should be able to pull them out. Contact Peter on 07465448635
You live in Croydon if I recall correctly and you're right a k11 is worth more in your neck of the woods.

Where I live in Swindon k11's in good condition go for 400-500 pounds with a full mot in working order. With a Head gasket leak I wouldn't go any higher than £100, which I think is a very fair price for a spares or repairs k11 with engine issues... Not sure what others may think of my pricing since it does change regionally...

Anyway I understand you're looking for more money so try and flog it locally and if you struggle you can always fall back on my offer mate
Hi Max, I may take you up on that offer of buying my car but would you pay the extra if i were to sell you the drivers side door hinges and the 3x coil packs and a s/h passenger headlight. You get a new radiator and 3 hardly used tyres. I was thinking about not having another car until I can afford one and then maybe not even a micra but haven't decided yet. Peter