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FOR SALE K12 2005

So, im done with this car and the ABS problem. Is anyone interested in a 2005 K12, dark blue, Micra. 71,100 miles

Bad points-

ABS problem, tried the speed sensors on the front, and the module. Still has CAN communication fault. And speedo intermittent. Brakes work ok, but no ABS
Tyres not great, maybe 1 is good.
CAT C, only due to front bumper broken, nothing structural.
Limited paperwork (I have V5 and radio code) and old MOTs, only ever failed on headlight alignment.
Clutch pedal nearing top of pedal travel but working fine.

Good points-

Drives well no engine noises, (taps, or clunks).
No oil leaks, and oil is clean.
Starts every time, (starter motor bit sticky).
All electrics work.
Clean inside.
2 Keys.
Gearbox seems fine.
Spare wheel (no jack).

I'm not prepared to break the car, I don't have room, but if can do anyone a turn. please phone 07769364199. (Gillingham, Kent). Totally honest sale, not good at fixing, I don't want to keep trying to have the fault traced. test drive available.

£250 ono
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Sorry to hear you are done with that motor
Have you looked at guides to cleaning the abs sensors such as

Hope this may help if you have second thoughts.