[SOLD] For Sale: 1994 Super S

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For Sale i have my Nissan Micra Super S 1994:

  • Nearly 135,000 miles (still starts first time)
  • Tax until end of August
  • MOT till 20th July 2011 (cannot guarantee a pass)
  • Rear wheel cylinders were recently changed (have invoice for it aswell)
  • Peter Lloyd exhaust system with frankspeed manifold
  • NO audio/wind deflectors will be included. (unless you want to pay for them)
  • Could do with two new front wings as rust has started to eat at them after a previous owner shabbily repaired them.
  • Cut Springs (can always change them yourself)
  • Tinted Headlights
  • European Drivers side rear light (symmetrical)
The car is a great runner, still loves a good bit of revs and sounds nice with the 'lloyd exhaust system i am not saying the car is perfect in anyway. But could be good as either a donor car for super s parts/windows etc
or a little engine swap project,
or even Love it and make it your daily.

You can read through the history of it here: http://www.micra.org.uk/threads/39186-Shaun-s-Super-S-%28K11%29

Some recent pictures of it:




Looking For Around £300 o.n.o
If i don't get a lot of interest by the 8th July it will be eBay'd.
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