South East: Flight of the navigator

Guest list

The Guest List Turning Up Are:

Rapid Rude Rides
Honda Culture
Fuel Topia
London Motor Museum
TR Racing
Sound Evolution ( 6 Car Link Up with a DJ Decks and PA System )
Cambridge Custom Cruisers
Bobbys Tyres
AllThings Modified
Cruise South East
MK Monster Trucks
Totally Modified
Jap Auto Parts
Medway Modified
Creative Car Sounds
North London Riderz
Pioneer Demo Car With Free Give aways
Miss Team Scorpio Unveiled
One Nation
Food Drink and BASS.....provided by the Navingation Inn Pub

Pass on the message let the grapevine do its work.........we are looking for a big turnout.

Check out :
to VOTE for Miss Team Scorpio. You have a choice from 8 ladies, Register and tell us whose your favourite.


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Once again the Micra Sports club forum fails to deliver any hope!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just maybe people here don't want to attend your events for what ever reason or couldn't make it due to other more important commitments?

We have just had our major national event at JAE that many of the active members attended, which was a HUGE success. Did we see you there? No we didn't, however do you see me criticising you, No you don't!

I don't have a problem with you advertising your events through the forum, continuing to criticise the MSC and it's members for not attending your events is a course of action I wouldn't recommend you continue with, especially considering you aren't even a club member of the MSC.


Ex. Club Member
nice one kev i think a road trip should be arranged as one meet plus it would give newer members a chance to get to know others much better what do you think

was a good meet. shame there wasnt more micras there only 3. one ive never seen before. i agree with both of you. people moan that micras dont get respected but they never put the effot in and go shows. i admit it was close to JAE but theres no reason for not going ACE CAFE?. i hope next time more micras turn out. theres alot of beautiful cans here and there going to waste.