Fixing slow electric windows

so i have my k12 since 2014. LOVE it.

but the electric windows are really slow and squeaky, depending on the weather.

i occasionally fix it by spraying wd40 or silicon spray inside or so, but it only fixes it for a short time.

i figured maybe i should gather up some courage and open the door panel and properly clean, tighten up (? if there are screws at all ?), and grease up the rail on the inside!?

now i'm no stranger in opening stuff and fixing it myself. but thats usually for stuff like smartphones and for cars, i'm not actually very confident. is there a comprehensive tutorial somewhere on how to remove the door panel and fix the window from the inside? all i can find are k11 tutorials or general nissan-tutorials regarding micra/maxima and other models.
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You need a haynes work shop manual my friend I just bought one one ebay for a tenner it will be the best money you ever spent.
I just bought a 55 plate 1.4 for my wife as she's just past her test it runs great but I will any work to it myself that's where the Manuel comes in, my windows are slow also and I'm thinking same as you as for procedure it will be straight forward I think again the Manuel will keep you right 👍