Fitting opening rear side windows

Fitted some opening rear side windows so I thought I'd let you all know how to do it.
Now apart from all the trim pieces and windows etc, you will also need these rear seat belt top mounting longer bolts and spacers. As you can see the original ones have shorter ones.


Best to do inside stuff first that doesn't require the window to be removed, as I was outside and it may rain.
Remove the rear seatbelt topmount (17mm) all the rear interior trim including the parcel shelf and mount, along with the front seat belt topmount (14mm) and the lower belt mounts (17mm).
Where the belt goes through the rear side trim the hole needs opening up slightly if you use your original seat belt guide. I like the contrast of the different grey that's why I used it.
Be careful and use a knife blade to remove the front seat belt top mount cover or you will break the clips.


The square holes are already there for the hinge mountings so put a couple of 6mm rivnuts in. I've used flush ones like Nissan did.


Now that's done remove the window, fit the new rubber seal and bolt the new window in loosely to the rivnuts. Tape it up so it can be adjusted for an even gap and so it doesn't drop and scratch the body.


On the rear seat belt trim there are two holes for clips already there. These can be use to mark up the missing ones.
I painted the extra clips on the trim with tipex and clipped the top clips in place. This left two marks where to drill and cut. The new holes are 11mm X 7mm.


Once the rear trim can be clipped in you can align the locking latch.
Tighten up the main hinges when you've aligned the latch and got an even gap.
Now close the latch and place it in the trim. Press the outside of the window as if the latch had pulled it tight shut and mark where the new rivnut mountings need to be.
Drill and fit rivnuts.


The trim under the window needs four new mounting clip positions drilling and filing. Mark these the same way as you did the rear trim. This piece of trim is attached to the front seat belt trim so the clips are there already.
Fit all the trim together and tighten up the seatbelt anchors. There you go. Opening rear side windows.


If i think of anything else I'll add it.
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It is easier to use rivnut setting tool. I made a simple one at first. If you google simple rivnut tool you'll see what I mean. Ended up borrowing a proper one from a friend at work. It made the job a million times easier. Don't forget to use the rivnuts that are almost flush. If you need any ebay links to the rivnuts I used or advice just let me know.
No sealant. Remove the rear windows lifting up and folding out the window seal from the inside. Don't forget to loosely tape up the window on the outside incase they drop.
Ah I know what you mean. I think I wrote a seperate post on swapping the windows didn't I. I'll relink those pics too. You can see how to do it in my main blog called Agent Sm1ths Activ.

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This can also be done with out the plastic trim going around the window
Just put two notches in the B pillar trim from the metal mounts about 7mm but this may vary so double check and mark out
The rubber trim sits with a minor gap but does settle in and looks OEM
And for the rear mount the seat belt covers it so OEM bolts fit right in and does not look bodged , just looks like a slightly lower spec OEM pop but looks good
And the rivnut kit they start from £18 on eBay for a 86 piece kit - will add link and pictures
And as for removing the old windows plastic body trim removed kits works well and slide under the rubber seal inside to pop the whole without causing damage those are fairly cheap and handy to remove clips and trim
But those are a great option to fit!
thats how mine sits
this with also help if you want pop outs but either dont have trim or its the wrong color , also i like it more like this then having it all plastic
hi where do I find the longer seatbelt bolt and spacer that you mentioned at the beginning ?? Any idea of size of bolt and spacer ?
Can I use the existing seatbelt bolt?
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hi where do I find the longer seatbelt bolt and spacer that you mentioned at the beginning ?? Any idea of size of bolt and spacer ?
Can I use the existing seatbelt bolt?
You get them of the same car you get the windows from. If you use the original spacer it crushes the trim.

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