Fitting Gti-R Brakes to an ST


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It is said by super-march R/turbo that the reception desk brake is weak.
The brake did not actually think it is weak too much, and a considerably hard running though super-turbo how many has been changed
There is no experience of fortunately doing the fade the purpose is to differ about the pad though it did.
I think that the load to the brake is few because the body is light.
When the user of a lot of super-turbo exchanges for the brake of pulsar GTiR(RNN14) and working of the brake improved
The caliper and the rotor of the pulsar were installed because it said.



Procedure of exchange.
The jack improves, the tire is removed, and connected part to the caliper of the brake hose is loosened slightly. The loosened extent is a brake.
Extent where oil doesn't blot is good. Because the brake hose is not compatible with the pulsar and the march, the brake hose of the march is used.
Only the main body of the caliper and the rotor are exchanged.
However, is the hoses exchanged because it enters the state that the hose put a little if the caliper of the pulsar is installed with the hose for the march?
A fixed position of the hose is changed or some measures are necessary.
The left is a hose of the pulsar and the right is a hose of the march. Because shape on the edge is slightly different, it is not possible to install it in the fixing bracket though the diameter and the pitch of the screw are the same.


Next, the caliper comes off when two bolts that are the fixation of the caliper in Strat are removed.
To make it not become it in the caliper's being in the falling state ..the brake hoses fatty.., the caliper ..spring.. is lowered ..the wires fatty...
The rotor comes off from the bolt of 8milli when crowding in the screw because there are two screw holes near the stud bolt of the rotor.
Because the caliper of the pulsar is a little larger than the caliper of the march, and it hits the back plate, it packs it of the interference of the upper part of the caliper.
The part (..shaded portion with a red image..) in the plate is slightly cut out.


Remove a brake hose and connected part of the caliper of the march, and to the caliper of the pulsar quickly for the brake oil so as not to leak as much as possible
The brake hose is connected and temporary is tightened.
The rotor of the pulsar is installed.
It installs it on the housing (hub career) that fixes the caliper of the pulsar to Strat. Both sides of rotor and caliper at this time
The washer of the thickness of about 2milli is placed to correct it so that the clearance may become equal and the caliper is fixed.
It is confirmed that the brake hose and the caliper connection part are tightened, and the brake oil doesn't leak.
The air pulling out of the brake is done. It is a principle to begin the air pulling out from the caliper in one far from the master cylinder.
Therefore, the air pulling out is begun from a left caliper. Next, the air of a right caliper is pulled out. Left repeated caliper
It is confirmed that the air pulling out is done and air doesn't remain.

The stroke of the pedal of the brake became long in feeling where it ran. As for this, the caliper becomes large-scale, and the piston of the caliper is large.
In the amount of the oil that the master cylinder of the march sends off because the stroke that the distance of the piston is few, and long is necessary because it became it
It seems that [nanodarou].
The pad will be suppressed to the rotor when stepping by the same instead power by stronger pressure. (Pascal's principle)
Because the brake of super-turbo is effective by a short stroke, it becomes how of a quick brake to work. The capacity of the brake of the pulsar is large.
The reaction is delayed behind straightening a little. However, capacity as the brake : from the area of the rotor, the thickness of the rotor, and the size etc. of the pad.
The worry of the fade will decrease even if the brake is multiused because it is growing.

The brake has come to work with [jiwari] as the hit of the pad attaches. This : as previously stated though it was expressed, "[Jiwari]".
It also means the distance of the piston becomes gradual, and the reactiveness also slowed.

Comparison between rotor and caliper of march super-turbo and pulsar GTi-R.


The diameter of the disk rotor is large, and disc thickness is understood thick should.



The parameter of the brake of a sunnily of pulsar GTI-R and the B13 type (1800GTS and 1600 super-salons) and the march super-turbo
Compared whats are shown in the following.
Because the amount of 2K pile increases only by the rotor, and the caliper is also heavier, weight under the spring : the brake of pulsar GTI-R for that.
Without exchanging the brake for there is a minus of increasing because the reactiveness of the brake decreases a little when it is enough like the standard
It thinks.
It becomes impossible to install the wheel of 13 inches because the rotor grew in addition.
It is thought enough like a standard brake if the pad of fine quality is used a little if it is a usual usage.

If it exchanges the brakes, the brake sunnily of the B13 type diverts it to the march super-turbo in lightness than the one of pulsar GTI-R.
It seems to be suitable.
I think that I can install whether it is possible to actually divert it perhaps though it guarantees because I have not confirmed it with the thing yet.
The brake sunnily of the B13 type 1600 can be diverted though obtaining parts of old in reducing sunnily of the B13 type 1800GTS is impossible near the number of production.
The nature named [nodehanaika] does.
It is wing loading California (CY10), Nissan AD(Y10), and pulsar (N14) that sunnily of the B13 type and uses the brake of the isomorph.
It is presea (R10), and I think that the possibility that these brakes can be diverted to the march super-turbo is high.
When the ratio of cylinders of the master cylinder and the caliper changes, the exchange of the brakes : the influence to the balance of the entire brake system.
It is necessary to note giving.
The inside diameter of the master cylinder of the march super-turbo is 20.64milli (13/16 inches), and ABS assistant vehicle and 1800GTS of the B13 type sunnily :.
Same size (13/16 inches) master cylinder is used.
The inside diameter of the cylinder of the caliper of the march super-turbo is 48.1milli, and all of the sedan the B13 type sunnily regardless of ABS.
Because the caliper cylinder is the same size (48.1 millis), I think that I am suitable for the swap.
The diversion of the brake the B15 type sunnily seems to be impossible though it is thought that the brake the B14 type sunnily can be diverted as long as it sees in the image though the size is uncertain.
The diversion of the brake : to a general target if the interval of the bolt hole that fixes the caliper is suitable for the intervals the flange face of the disk rotor and between disks.
It is possible.
However, when the number and PCD of the hole of the wheel nut (bolt) are different, it is impossible. To new so that the center of the disk rotor should not go mad
The hole of the wheel bolt is made again because of very difficult.
Perhaps, [na] in decided what at intervals of the bolt hole that fixes the caliper as the standard at first of the brake disk's being developed
It seems that the caliper to which the interval of the bolt hole can be thoroughly diverted even by the model exists.
The correction : the gap of about 2-3milli at the center of the rotor in biting a suitable washer when the caliper is fixed to the hub career.
It is possible.


Pure brake pad (D106M-S1827) of march super-turbo EK10 is the same brake as no turbo of S13NA Sylvia.
It is compatible with [nanode] and following pad.
【 four August, '63 of march turbo (K10) Akira- flat February, year 】
【 four January, '64 of march super-turbo (EK10) Akira- flat February, year 】
87 September -】
86 August -】
【 September, exa (KN13)' 86-】
86 May -】
【180(RS13) flat February, year of one - three January, year 】
【 three May, '63 of 5 October, year and flat January, year of three of Sylvia (S13)- Akira- flat January, year 】
(B12・4WD and DOHC turbo) 【 sunnily Two August, '60 of Akira- flat January, year 】
【 September, '63 of [suzukikarutasu] (AK34S・AA34S・AF34S) Akira-】

It seems that the above-mentioned model is compatible of the brake with the march super-turbo.
Because it is rear-wheel-drive, neither the caliper nor the rotor have the march super-turbo and interchangeability though Sylvia is compatible of the pad.