First post - my first k10

Hi all, nice to find a forum for these little cars :) I didn't know much about them until I found this site, I've been reading a good few hours. Well I picked up my 'k10' at the weekend from an elderly lady who had owned the car from new! It's done 60,000 miles, and is almost showroom condition inside!

My first car was a swift, then a 2 litre vectra estate, but now I wanted to get something small and cheap again and something that would put the fun back into driving. I absolutely love thie interior in this 21 year old machine, the brown dash, awkward steering wheel, minimal controls, and the beige seats! Lushhh...

Be nice to meet up with people if its ever possible, but most of the posts concerning meets around the midlands appear to be a year or two old fwn

My Micra is a 1 litre, 1991 LS. 1 lady owner from new, it's been well looked after and stored in a garage, I have mot certificates, garage receipts and tax discs for the thing dating back 21 years! Well chuffed tbh.

I'd of liked to of fitted a pre-facelift grill, but after reading some posts on here, I know it's not that simple. :(
What I do want pretty sharpish is a passenger side mirror, anyone know where I can find one, and how to fit?

Not sure what I want to do with it yet, be nice to get it lowered at some point, but I probably won't touch the interior in any way. I've had to fit a fancy head unit to play mp3's and audio from my phone, but it don't half clash with the colour scheme lol!

Couple of photos..




Passenger mirror is an easy job, in fact it's the first thing I did on my first K10! The problem is finding them in scrapyards these days!

There's two types of mirror too:
Internally adjustable (with a little stick)

And externally adjustable (adjust by sticking your hand out the window):

Either will fit, but if you get an internally adjustable one make sure you get the plastic cover for the inside too (or you'll have to drill a hole in yours to let the adjuster through).

Like I said though, I haven't seen a K10 in a scrapyard in some time so maybe eBay would be a better bet!

Welcome to the club though, the car looks very clean! (Y)

Welcome to MSC mate :D

if your from the south there 4 K10s at the Bert Hayne's in Wantage. i have taken a lot of parts off these but i'm know all the wing mirrors were on them 3 weeks ago :)
Just fitted a pre-facelift grill. It's actually a better fit than I imagined it to be. It's not perfect, but if the bonnet hinges were just a centimeter forward it would be. There's even 2 square holes in the chassis that it clipped straight into,you have to find your own way of securing the top half, but the bonnet does a decent job when it's shut anyway. (Y)