Figaro - lovely, costly, and with blown motor

My GF and I are officially in the Figaro vibe. As a present, it was something to take and thank for it as in all it is a great little funny thing, and pretty cool too.

Long story short, I have a seized motor, which will need a rebore on 2 cylinders, or possibly a full rebore with overbore. Other solution is to acquire MA10 block with nice liners, give a hone to it and try to fit a piston set that would fit it - giving a lowered compression of 8:1.

Ideally, Micra MA10 pistons would work, however they are high comp, and we know what that would mean even in a v.short term.

Thus, I will be looking for new, used good oem or a/m pistons in std. or oversize.

Many thanks for any advice.