Fault Code Reading

I've been trying to read fault codes on my girlfriend's Sep 2003 K12. I ordered one of the cheap OBD2 Tools on eBay.

When plugged in to the micra the tool will pair via Bluetooth to my Android phone. But then the Torque app reports back that the ECU can not be detected. I've tried it in my 2013 Ford fiesta and it works perfectly. And I've also borrowed a work colleague's eBay OBD2 reader too. His is exactly the same, works in the fiesta but not the micra.

So, I'm 99% sure it's not something I am doing wrong with the setup of the tool, as I'm following the exact same procedure in both cars. And I'm also pretty certain it's not a faulty unit as it works prefectly in the fiesta.

Can anyone tell me, is the diagnostic port in a 2003 K12 of a different standard? Or should I expect it to work with an OBD2 reader? Maybe with different software?
Now that's interesting, I have a very old Snap on code reader, it wont read our Daughters K12 Diesel but my mates more expensive one will?
Local Snap on man tells me the bigger machine access it in a different way, so it will be interesting to see whats going on?
I'm having the same problem....posted over in the other forum

Could it be a faulty ebd reader as the copies are all v1.