Fastest Standard 1.0L


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A question I asked myself the other day has been bugging me!

What is the fastest N/A 1.0L car? Completley standard!

I can't come up with a clear winner!


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I was just thinking in general really.

But I suppose top speed would be a good place to start!


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Ok you set the rules, Caterham Fireblade. There you go fastest and quite possibly the most fun stock 1.0 car. :D


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yea you can get some pretty insane 999cc motorbike engine driven things in kit form


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Peugeuot 106 or 306.. however ####e they are, they're apparently one of the best handling cars ever.

I dunno really , it's a good question, but you wouldn't really go by top speed cos that's not generally power, that's just how wide the gear ratios are.


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MY FIRST 1L RED K10 1988 got it at 11,000 miles from an old granny behind my mates house and it was sweet as a nut and once i had broken it in it was unbelivably quick!, used to get it off the clock at 100 and wot amazed all us was that it was jst a 1L 4 speed! even have video evidence on my other mob phone on its mem card :D but it used to hump my mates 1.3 mk2 polo and my mates mk1 1.3 ghia feista


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yer i always use my satnav to see how quick i'm really going.

my k10 only ever got to 98 on the sat nav. and the k11 standard has got to 111.