Fan (drive) belt replacement howto?


Is it difficult to change the drive belt on a Micra '03? It shredded and now it makes the most terrible noise as the bits hanging around are hitting the metal around it.

Local garage quoted me £75, but I think that's a bit excessive. I found the belt online for ~£10; for the rest of the money I feel like I should buy my own jackstands and just do the job myself.

Can anyone roughly illustrate what would need to be done to get this belt replaced?


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Slacken alternator bolts so you can move it freely closer to the engine itself then Slacken off the tensioner on the rear of the engine slide again closer to the block remove what's left of your belt.
Place new belt on to all the correct pullys retighten bolts with the belt under the correct deflection iirc 4mm between water pump and rear tensioner.