Fairly new to the forum - Am i welcome to be a member?

Hey there, can anyone become a member? the benefits look incredible for the price :)

Thanks in advance for any replies

I have a Micra 2001 Activ 1.4 16V btw.

Certainly can :)
Welcome to the forum Josh!
One condition though.... Pictures... We like pictures :) x
Awesome, can i ask what is the difference between gold and platinum? or am i being dense.

Yes pictures of course, i made a thread about my busted mobile you should take a look. Lets just say it needs some work and panels. lots of them ;) :laugh:

Thank you for the welcome @Clodo
Oooo err.... I can't remember I think it's membership length... It's all written on the actual website not the app :)

Oooooo I shall go find it now :) look forward to updates! :) x
Thanks, its off to the body shop come pay day and im sourcing some panels but this colour is not easy to find :(

will check website, thank you kindly @Clodo