Facelift Engine Swap (trying to get some info!)


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Ok currently i have a K11 facelift, 2001, CG10DE with COILPACK Ignition (no dizzy at all!).

I was wondering what would be easiest in terms of mounts, compatibility with gearbox/etc and wiring. CG13DE or CGA3DE?

I would guess in a prefacelift the CG13DE would be alot easier, but as i got a coilpack ignition wouldnt a 1.4 CGA3DE be easier? and does it use the same mounts as a c/pack cg10?

basically everything you know about this kinda thing please post! :p i have tried searching the forum but i cant find anything bout changing coilpack engines.

Its just a might do a lil' project sometime next year, obviously if its too much of a pain id b better selling the car and trying to get a 1.4 instead!



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yeh i heard that its meant to be the cga thats the ideal conversion rather than the cg 4 coil pakcs but 1.4's imo r rare half the connectors on the loom r slightly different compared to a cg ie tb, alternator, facelift have this thing on the side of the plate for the cam readings or something hmmm just woke up lol but best choice imo is get a facelift more in common than a prefacelift


tbh mate de sell your car and buy a 1.3 or 1.4

they are about he same money anyway so you wont lose anything.and some insurance places wont want to insure a car with an engine conversion..even if it is out of the same make of car.it will go up more than just buying a 1.3 or 1.4

hope this helps and saves you money :D

it will be alot more pain for you fitting a new engine rather than looking through autotrader


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for an extra £100 i got an SR (body work and interior not the best) that ment i paid £100 for ellecy windows, 1.3 engine, ABS and PAS! :D

I'd recommend buying a new car rather than an engine transplant.