F/S: Nismo 330F steering wheel

Item: Nismo 330F steering wheel
Location: Anglesey
Condition: Used, not in mint condition but it's nowhere near f****d!
Reason for selling: Need funds
Price: £135 posted

genuine mutha funkaaaaa Nismo 330F steering wheel from the ages of old where Nismo had the best logo (90s) Bought from someone who had it on an R32 skyline. I won the auction for the steering wheel, but not the horn button.... :) Leather isn't that brilliant but still has that shine in most places except for where I removed the yellow tape... it wasn't even level lmao.
I know what I'm selling here, I am not budging on price because I don't really want to sell but need the funds to sort car out. These fetch over £250 new. Ta!
bump also got a boss (standard non-release bit) that this will fit onto. Will sell this for an extra £10er with this wheel

or £30 posted by itself :)


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edit: Sorry John I read topic too fast and thought sw price was 30£ + 10 for boss kit
sorry Seb - I am usually not one to sell things for what they are worth, but this is something quite special.

£125 posted bump