F/S: Lots of K10 upgrades.


Rare parts nerd #JDM
Item: Lots of K10 upgrades.
Location: Reading
Condition: Good
Reason for selling:
Price: 0

I have many items for sale. .
  • H&R lowering springs for K10 £70 posted £55 collected
  • KYB gas shocks all four with extended bump stops, £100 posted and £80 collected. They are all in good condition except one has a big score in the thread where it rubbed against the top mount (I didnt do up the to mount, it was finger tight). It is still perfectly safe though.
  • Webber 32/34 carb with modded inlet so its a bolt on jobby, adds around 10 bhp. £70 posted £55 collected.
  • Genuine Nissan lower spolier, in good condition, very rare item. £70 posted and £55 collected. I am willing to take offers.