F/S: Jun 3.6kg Ultra-light flywheel with Helix 180mm 3-puck clutch & PP


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Item: Jun 3.6kg Ultra-light flywheel with Helix 180mm 3-puck clutch & PP
Location: Hartlepool
Condition: used, slightly glazed
Reason for selling:
Price: Jun flywheel £450 and Helix clutch £200 (£650) plus postage or collect

Here I have a Jun 3.6kg ultra-light flywheel with a Helix 3 puck clutch without the release bearing (uses standard bearing). provides a very responsive engine

includes flywheel, clutch disc & PP with bolts

the flywheel was originally fitted with a stock clutch and handled 92bhp n/a, used as a daily and occasional trackdays.

after 17k the clutch was upgraded to this 180mm helix paddle clutch rated at 180ftlb to handle the 160ftlb of torque from the turbo conversion.

the used flywheel wasn't resurfaced prior to fitting so took awhile to bed-in fully.

once bedded, its been ran another 13k as a daily and occasional trackdays and once at santapod but the low heat capacity of the flywheel & clutch meant it was prone to eventually overheating near its 180ftlb limit so it began to slip & glaze just I reach peak torque of the turbo and the torque limit of the clutch over time starts to slowly degrade.

I estimate last time it could handle approx bout 140ftlb before slipping.

I'd recommend getting the flywheel (and possibly the clutch disc?) remachined.

after 30k the flywheel is now worn by 0.37mm 0.21mm 0.27mm (inner mid out)

the pressure plate is now worn by 0.45mm 0.37mm 0.36mm (inner mid out)

a new helix 3 pad clutch disc was 7.7mm thick and min 6.05mm at the rivets (1.65mm operating thickness)

after 13k the disc is now 7.1mm(63.6%) 6.95mm(54.5%) and 6.95mm(54.5%) (inner mid outer)