F/S: JDM Nismo spoiler

Item: JDM Nismo spoiler
Location: East London
Condition: Good condition
Reason for selling: Bought it, but didn't ever get to fitting so needs to go
Price: £130

JDM Nismo spoiler in black. These go for around the same price, with imperfections, on ebay and you'd need to get them shipped from japan for an arm and leg. Pics:


slight imperfection that can be seen on top right in this pic, but you'd probably get that sorted before spraying anyway.


previous owner covered the light with a tint (which, if I'm honest, looks real nice), but it can be removed fairly easily if you intend to use the light.


one last angle (ignore the trainers that slipped into view lol :D)


Price excludes postage.
just out of interest how do these attach? Can't see any bolts or anything from the pictures?

Not too sure, mate :) As I mentioned I never got round to fitting, and I've recently acquired a tailgate with a nismo spoiler already attached, so I actually have no experience with fitting. I was going to get my man at the bodyshop to take care of it, but next time I'm there I'll ask him and let you know. :)
lol, tell ya what, if you cut that piece of carpet out that your standing on with the spoiler you`d sell it quicker, add abit of colour to the sale loool