F/S: JDM Dashpod, JDM center console cup holder

Item: JDM Dashpod, JDM center console cup holder
Location: Lydney, Gloucestershire
Condition: Used
Reason for selling: No longer required
Price: £50 posted each

JDM Dashpod in a fetching brown £50 posted


JDM Center console Cup holder £50 posted


In fifth gear and a big can to show it doesn't get in the way


Woopa Pandastyle!
Karrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl... lol :( (please love it for me, sleep with it under your pillow every night, your the only person i trust with it <3)
daaamn, there was a time i was looking for the JDM dashboard pod and it took me months to get one and theres one on sale and no one seems interested, these things are rare!! and for the price? i would have run to it!!!

So you tight dogs butt, get involve and add some JDM to your car!!! ;)