F/S: High compression 147bhp GA16DE engine

Item: High compression 147bhp GA16DE engine
Location: Coventry
Condition: 10k miles
Reason for selling: Gone SR20
Price: £1000 or offers

I have decided I am going to sell this GA16 build rather than saving it for when I get a micra of my own.

13:1 YCP Honda D16 pistons machined for floating pin
USDM tubular intake manifold
Thermoblock spacers
P&P Head - Completed by dale
SR20 TB, MAF - Fitted and port matched by dale
SPEC Flywheel
ACT clutch kit
ARP rod bolts
Pink GA16 Injectors
Sytec adjustable FPR
Reground GA16DE cams, +2.5 lift, 275* duration - (shimmed to OE specs)
OBX QG18DE exhaust manifold, 2"; outlet
GTiR ECU, rev limit 7000 and remapped
USDM dizzy
UR underdrive pulley
Lightened, balanced, knife edged bottom end by Chesman Motorsport

Along with the mods I treated the engine to a load of new Genuine Nissan parts. New chain tensioners top and bottom, guides, timing cover, oil pump, headgasket, head bolts, crank seals, water pump, thermostat, bearings crank and rod, stem seals etc. All tatty or rusty brackets were also powdercoated and the engine sprayed with black engine enamel.

This engine loves to rev, very torquey for its size, ran a faster 1/4 than the SR20 i have in the car at present. Completely out of character for a typical GA. Put a smile on my face everytime and that is in a heavy N15 chassis. It has a real throaty voice, verging on throttle body territory. I will consider sensible offers and welcome any questions about the engine. Block painting Assembly Crank stopper More assembly Built Mapped, nice and torquey.


I started working at 6am meaning warming the car up ten minutes before I set off in winter. The SR is alot quieter than the GA even with the extra 400cc, whether that's to do with the high comp and lumpy cams I don't know but a lumpy idle at 5:30am wasn't appreciated. So the SR was simply more practical and cheaper than buying another car.


Glorified Electrician
What matters is you need a non-coilpack loom (facelift or non facelift is irrelevant), a donor GA loom to get the plugs from and a suitable ecu.


Dr. Zoidberg
What's the lumpy idle like to live with then? And I assume you need to let it warm up before driving?