F/S: Genuine Nissan plastic headlight protectors

Item: Genuine Nissan plastic headlight protectors
Location: Brighton (south east)
Condition: Used by as new
Reason for selling: Not required
Price: £20 posted

Got these with my new SuperS, I neither like or dislike them but i know there are some on here who really love oem optional extras so i thought i would put them up :D Pretty sure i have seen these go for well over what i am asking but £20 posted seems fair to me. They are used but i gave them a quick clean and they have come up very nicely, slight discolouration around the silicone stand off bits (can be seen in the pics)



Sorry seb,
The postage to france looks to cost around £18 on its own :eek:
I could do £15 plus postage (you are welcome to try to find it cheaper, i only checked parcels2go.com) but thats still a lot of money for some bits of plastic eh.
my estimations for the parcel were; 0.5kg and 30x15x10cm. guessed because i couldnt be bothered to walk downstairs tonight :D