F/S: FS: Micra K11 import JDM rear number plate recess "RARE"

Item: FS: Micra K11 import JDM rear number plate recess "RARE"
Location: Anglesey
Condition: Used
Reason for selling: no longer have Micra
Price: £50 posted

best of the best rare of the rare, genuine number plate recess only worry with these they only fit properly on march/ import boot lids. urgently need this to go, so if someone pops me an offer tonight then if its good I will only say yes, all ready to go unlike what I've done before so I will post tomorrow afternoon.


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You already have too much sexy parts on you car, leave some for the others :p
This was like the icing on the cake for me, sadly due to lack of contact it turned up 2 months after the Micra was sold. And yes I do want another, but no point keeping it... part of the fun of owning a Micra is the frustration of finding bits like this.

This is now SOLD and will be posted out tomorrow morning, all boxed up nice and ready to go.