Exhaust clamp size

Hi All

I have a 2001 Nissan Micra K11 and when setting off or reversing there is a rattling sound coming from the exhaust.

I think it the heat shield rattling due to old age and corrosion.

A previous mechanic friend of mine put some steel cables around it to stop it rattling which worked for many years but it's appeared again.

I have seen Halfords have an exhaust clamp (u shape) but unsure what mm clamp is correct.

Please can anyone advise. I have attached some screenshots of something I found on YouTube.

Many thanks in advance :)

Halfords clamp



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Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I don't have any axle stands and only have basic tools.

Would you happen to know what size mm clamp it would require if I am unable to borrow some axle stands from a friend?