Ok, i know everyone is sick of my moaning on about how crap my uni is etc but heres my last ever exam. ever. for the rest of my whole life :D


April/May 2006 Time: 2 hours

PI22002 - Hume and Recent European Philosophy

Answer THREE questions. AT LEAST ONE from each section.

Section A: Hume

1. Analyse Hume’s idea of a properly naturalistic philosophy.

2. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of Hume’s theory of the association of ideas.

3. Discuss Hume’s approach to the problem of induction.

4. Set out Hume’s critique of causality. How does it relate to what he has to say about personal identity?

Section B: Recent European Philosophy

5. Is there a tension between Existentialism and Humanism?

6. “European philosophy has transformed the concept of the Self.” Discuss with reference to at least two of the thinkers discussed on the course.

7. What consequences does the invention of the Unconscious have for our understanding of the Self?

8. Does contemporary philosophy of mind still need a concept of the Self?

Answers on a post card pls


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1) Are you in the final year then, just not 21 yet?

2) What kind of exam gives you the questions, allows you to take it away and the bring back the answer?! You get to prepare for the exam question before you actually sit it? Surely thats research, not a test?

3) You might well do further exams in the future if you want to go up a few grades in whatever you do.

4) I'm sure if I knew about Hume, I could have a go :)

5) When is it due in? Your 'exam' seems rather early!

6) You can do my 10 engineering exams if you like, sitting in a hall, all on your own :laugh:

7) I want to do your degree, it looks nice
1) im going into third year in september but my finals are all coursework based :D no more sitting in an exam hall counting ceiling tiles cuz you finished within twenty minutes but dont want people to know it :D

2) A philosophy exam?

3) pish :p

4) Hume sucked. even my tutor says he sucked.

5) exam is at 2, i picked that up at 9 this morning.

6) im a girl! i cant do anything that requires knowledge :D

7) its an MA in English Literature. Goffer it, it wont get you anywhere in life :D
Will someone answear "To what extent does a neo-liberal urban future look the same for all citeis" for me too then please?

Why do Unis have to always word questions so weirdly? Trying to understand what they're actually asking is usually more difficult than answering the question , I find.:wasntme:


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just got back from a uni exam: OO Software Development in Java.. *yawn* went ok tho i think. got much harder ones coming up this week :(

good luck anyways! :)


Mmmm OO, We've just taken on a clients fully bespoke eShop which is 100% OO PHP, what a ##### to work with it is!! :S


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James said:
Mmmm OO, We've just taken on a clients fully bespoke eShop which is 100% OO PHP, what a ##### to work with it is!! :S
Please refrain from using swear filter, is a family forum
ladies... keep your childish arguments to yourselves.

wilsonian said:
is that according to james?
suprisingly, me and james have better things to dicsuss than you and gary. as interesting as you both undoubtedly are.

thanks for the support though guys, going by the fact that the library is empty apart from the guys in my philosophy class, im not the only one who needs it!

after uni im taking a PGCE (post graduate certificate of education) ive already been accepted to durham, newcastle and northumbria (gotta apply 18 months in advance) and applied to oxford for laughs (three As at Alevel and a predicted first with honours here, keeping the faith!)

i have now officially given up on revision. Hume's scepticism theories make no sense any way
the exam was so much fun that there was only me and two other people left in the hall... after half an hour!!! and when we got outside i was the only one who had managed to do all three essays! GAWD.
never mind, cheers for the support lol


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I only have one exam to sit this year. Designing Things That Do Not Break. Its all to do with free body diagrams, stress, strain and bending and stuff like that.

Its an open book exam too, so we get to take all our notes in. I will still fail though :p

Hope you done good at your one Layla :)


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me confussed... i thought u only went up to Scotland in september? so how u going into third year?
Iv got 2 exams next week along with 2 assginments.. therefore gotta write 7000 words before i contemplate revision! all be worth it tho.. week and a half left of uni :D
danni said:
me confussed... i thought u only went up to Scotland in september? so how u going into third year?
was allowed to skip first year cuz id done all the material already, so i just finished second year


I cant stand exams :D so im glad i dont have any lol My in all coursework based :)