Evo 6 powered micra?

So I had a rethink of the silly idea of the RB26DETT swap and tried to think of something more compact and 4WD. First obvious 2 were the evo or WRX sti, I'm not personally a fan of the sti's boxer engine so though I'd steer more towards the evo engine, now I'm planning to buy an evo VI or VII in a few years time when insurance is reasonable, the plan will hopefully then take the form of lumping the evo engine and box into a micra, thought its a much more reasonable idea than a big long 6 pot, hopefully abit less work too, I'm not bothered about "you won't have any traction" or any power related jobbies I just want to know if there will be a ridiculous amount of work, It obviously needs new engine mounts and all that jazz. Think of this as having an evo and replacing the body with a K11 :D thoughts appreciated and would be interesting to know if this has been done before
I'm already building a subaru 4wd k10. You'll have to completely rebuild the car. Engine mounts are the least of your worries
New floor pan.
Rear diff and transfer box mounting
Custom fuel tanks
Wishbone mounts
New strut turrets
Steering column will need realigning
Whilst keeping it all exactly central.
Its a good idea but a job not to be taken lightly :) and alot of money ;)
The rb26dett rwd is my next project and it will be easier