evening from wales

evening all
im monty from south wales, recently bought a k11 1.0 as a cheap run around....but, now instead of selling her on ive fallen in love with her :)
so ive cleaned her up, ordered a few bits from nodspeed. pics will be up soon
just wanted to say hello and look forward to chatting


Part Of The Furniture
In the same situation I was!
Bought mine for £270 intended to keep for a years no claims... into my third year now its like virus this place!
thanks guys, yeah I bought this one with no tax or mot for £150, with 98k on a N plate,
looking forward to catching up with you guys at the shows etc this year :)
hey guys, just a quick snap now, will take some better ones over the weekend

ordered and arrived:
nodspeed front strut brace (upper)
nodspeed rear adjustable panhard rod
an actual nardi steering wheel
humphris lowering spring's
found an old civic eg spoiler

awaiting an answer from a local guy about a set of bbs rx2's
and unsure on the front seat's atm
I also have a set of "jun" style arch extensions...which actually fit quite well...but not sure on this either

basically im saving all my parts, then when I have a whole weekend off I will change the whole look of the car in 48ishh hours. with video's and pics along the way.

in time the 1.0 will be changed, but again not sure for what, maybe just a fettled 1300, don't want anything too mad as that's what I have a rally car for :p