et37 and et43 difference?


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Whats the between et37 and et43 in wheel sizes?

About to buy the 15’ OZ Records from the guy who works at and he has recommended et37. Is that the correct recommendation?

Cars going to be lowerd to 50mm in a few weeks + all the whiteline gear to go on!

Help please!!! Thanks
these numbers relate to the off-set of the wheels but i'm not sure wether it means they'll stick out more than normal or move into the arch.
i'll let someone else take it from here
get et 37 mate, i got et 42, and i have to use spacers cos the wheels go too much into the arch and looks crap, so the et37 is gonna fill out the arches better.


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though if you're outside the recommended ranges for the offset for the Micra then you can put excessive load on the wheel bearings.


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et35 is optimal for the micra, nearer you can get to it the better as a et43 could adversly affect performance