Essential Micra mods?

Hi everyone,

I have had a 2008 K12 Acenta for a couple of years now and recently had to change the battery and also repair the wiper linkage arms. It's got me thinking about what other changes can I do to the car to make it more comfortable as my commuting car. Are there any essential changes that you recommend to make to the car for a more enjoyable drive?

Interior :-
Holts steering wheel cover.
This is not essential but makes for a nice new feel to your steering wheel.
German brand quality I do wish I'd gotten one sooner.

Good fitted seat covers are also nice to have I got caught with bad quality ones and have seen really quality leather for cheap.
Something padded would be nicer Imo.

A decent reversing camera is handy to have down side you have to Install yourself
Mine is still waiting to be hooked up to work as rev cam.

Foot mats are important I would. Suggest looking for genuine micra on ebay they should fit much better and will be alot better than after market ones.
Still need to get some of these.
Exterior :-
Team Heko wind deflectors.
These are nice to have changes the look of the windows/doors helps to vent the cabin well shades you from the sun a little from side.
Break discs n pads could be an idea depending on your current sets. Condition.
I got brembo for a bargain price and they feel great but not sure how long they gonna last.

Could add more let's see what others would suggest.
I would recommend a heated seat first thing in the morning they are great not waiting for the engine to warm up, also fit a dash cam as this is your protection with some of the driving habits going around, upgrade your speakers to some quality 6.5" I find the tailored rubber floor mats work best for me as they are fitted and have a raised edge to help stop mud/water working its way onto the cars carpets.:)


Steering wheel cover, matts and seating covering sound good. Where can I find Holt's steering wheel cover? I had a search on Google but nothing appropriate comes up.

@Mach1, is that retrofitting heated seats or is there an aftermarket pad available?
HEYNER Premium steering wheel cover COMFORT GRIP accessory 37-39cm CAR black

Look on eBay its around 12 pounds not bad value compared to others and it fits right on snug with no unwanted movement. Gives a bit extra thickness also that maybe a good thing. unsure??
Yes the after market Seat heater fitted great to the Original seat and plugs into cig lighter socket (mine is modified from the 12v outlet socket.
I would recommend a heated seat first thing in the morning they are great not waiting for the engine to warm up...
Engine warm up is important, if one actually cares for engine life, specially in cold weather...

-06 Micra 160SR of Mika The Finn blog of mine 'big block' Micra 160SR.

Here in the Land of the Finns quite many are using electric engine heaters during the winter time.
Our normal temperature range during year is +33C to -33C.
I have DEFA on mine with small fan heater inside, no need to scrape ice from windows on mornings, nor freeze your butt...

Engine heater for NISSAN MICRA 1.6 2005-

DEFA Termini™ II Interior heaters

During my Nokia times, I was located San Diego, California, US of A.
Nokia proto types were made in Salo, Finland.
One time before leaving to Finland one Californian asked me what kind of clothing to pack for freezing -10C temperature.
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