Escort estate notts £550


If its not scrubbing, its not low enough.
For sale is my silver, slightly modified, ford escort estate.

Its a great runner and will do 35,pg combines, can get it above 40 on long runs.
It will happily hold 5 people in comfort and enough luggage too bury a small hatch back.

I'll start with the few bad bits:

-Paint work is a little odd, previous owner was going too paint it matte black so rubbed down some panels on the nearside, not through the paint but its there.

-It has had welding on both sills and rear arches, this you can view either good or bad.

- One spotlight mount missing, I have the spotlight but only one i in the bumper.
No stereo.

Good bits:
-Lots of MOT and no advisories on the previous, think about 7 months left, will confirm.
-Little tax, end of the month i will include this so the car is legal on the way home.
-Stainless magnex CAT back, deep and rumbly but not chavtasticly loud.
-GTi half leather interior, in great condition, fitted by a previous owner, so comfy, some of the best front seats i've had.
-Flyeyes kit, not perfect but i really like it.
-GTi Alloy wheels refurbed in gunmetal grey, look ok and come with really good tyres all round.
-Expensive plasma dials.








More too come.


If its not scrubbing, its not low enough.
Of course, i got bored of it though, micra was lower.
New micra is awaiting parts so someone buy this load lugger.