erratic idling,hesitating,stalling micra

Hi everyone, i've recently purchase a 1.3 super s which has just started to play up.
Firstly the car keeps stalling,this happens when slowing down or coming to a stop , the revs go up and down and eventually the engine stalls-re starts immediately.
The car is also hesitating on accelaration. I've fitted new plugs and air filter but noticed that it doesn't have a PCV filter fitted - would this cause any of these problems?
Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated this is driving me round the bend
cheers Paul
Many thanks Willenium thats much appreciated-I tried the throttle body repair this am and am hoping it will solve the problem - at least in the short term , i'll let you know if it works! thanks again
BINGO - performed the throttle body soldering surgery and it's like driving a new car,no hesitation and no stalling - i cant beleive such a simple repair can make so much difference.
there is a really useful guide knocking around on here somewhere , just have a look through the posts regarding throttle bodies,it explains everything you need to do on there
Are the manifolds a pin in the neck to fit? are they cheap?

I heard that to identify my problem i could borrow a throttle body off another car for an hour?


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They are pretty easy to swap, 4 bolts, 4 plugs and two water hoses (and the airbox of course).
You can get them fairly cheaply from a scrappy, but then there's no guarantee that it iwll work fine, so the soldering method is generally best.