Engine warning light, oil light, and battery light.

Hi all been a while since I posted, I have the above 3 lights showing when key turned (engine not running). they used to go off once the airbag light went off.

Friday 22/04/2022, I had juddering in 5th gear and lost power to the engine. The car didn't cut out at all, but it was driving very sluggish and juddering. This issue had never happened before. So I had to get off the motorway and call out the RAC. who I waited over 5 hours for even though I was high priority due to where I was. Anyway,

RAC guy showed up, all warning lights disappeared and the car drove perfectly home, about 30 miles. No idea what this fault was. Today I turned on the car, to the aux power position and the warning lights are back, but go off when I turn on engine to idle.

RAC on Friday put the car on the computer and the only thing that shown was the bank 1 lamda 02 sensor was lean, but I had the sensor replaced a bit ago, so think this is just in memory and hadn't been fully cleared by the previous mechanic?

As the warning lights are now back on, would it be better chance to get a diagnosis? Also does anyone have any idea what could be causing this seemingly intermittent fault? I can't trust driving until I know it's safe again.


Micra K11 2002 16v 1.0 (facelift)
Engine code CG10DE
MOD: CG16DE airbox with pipercross performance filter
No other mods.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.