Engine upgrade help

Hi all,

I'm a newbie to MSC and I have recently brought a Micra to prepare for rallying.

I have a 1.0 facelift base car with a shot bottom end. I've got hold of a CGA3 bottom end and aim to fit the 1.0 head and 1.0 gearbox to the CGA3 block. Hopefully these are all compatible.

Long term I will fit some grp A cams, grp A air box and exhaust manifold.

My question comes with the inlet side...

I have top feed 1.0 injectors which will need upgrading. Which ones are available?

Secondly is the 1.0 throttle body too restrictive for my plans? Is there an alternative? (Not throttle bodies, haven't got the ££).

Thanks in advance!!
Head is a straight swap, almost any top feed injectors should be a direct swap but stock should be fine until you hit 100bhp+

tb not sure which are direct swap on the coil pack engine


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i would skim the CGA3 head personally rm, and an SR20 t/b matches 2 of the boltholes (you would need to mount your maf upstream), and QG15/18 injectors will fuel ok if you get the maf body size correct