Engine Troubles - Please Help!


my girlfriend drives a L reg, Nissan Micra K11 1.0l, 90,000m. There seems to be some non-consistant engine problems which are getting worse. Because we're low on cash we are reluctent to take it to a Nissan Dealer although we will do if its not an easy fix.

The car went in for a service a few months back and the stupid idiots left of the lambda sensor, 2 months down the line the car started cutting out down the motorway, some kind AA man reconnected it and all seemed ok.

Now the car seems to stall all the time, normally after long journeys or if its been reved, & then idles iraticallly sometimes. It occasionally juders as if the timmings out then goes back to normal.

This is getting quite serious now as it has started to cut out during normal driving at about 30mph.

here is what i have checked so far:

- Sparkplugs - fairly new at service (checked and they're clean)
- Distributer - Brand new
- Air Filter - Clean
- PCV Filter - was dirty, now a new one
- Air Intake Vent - Flushed with injector cleaner
- Fuel Filter - Clean
- Lambda Sensor - slightly dark in colour

I was thinking of replacing the HT leads, but after reading the Haines Manual i'm thinking it maybe to do with the ECCS control unit. I have seen another thread with details on problems with this, but thats way out of my league.

Could it be something simple? or is it a Nissan Dealer time?

any help would be appreciated

"a much loved spotty micra"



Dr Zoidberg

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have a search for throttle body resoldering. this will show you how to fix the prob if thats what it is. this has become a common problem with the k11.